Unlock your creative potential with Customuse's Snapchat Filter Creator. Design custom augmented reality filters for both fun and business success. No pro skills required—your imagination is the only limit.


Design captivating Snapchat AR filters for fun, promotional campaigns, or to boost brand presence. Simply craft, visualize, and launch your custom filter on Snapchat. It’s great for those aiming to attract an audience, encourage more engagement, and produce memorable, interactive experiences.

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How to create your own filter for Snapchat?

Step 1

Pick a Template

Look through our wide range of cool templates. Planning a party? Running a sales promotion? We've got the perfect starting point for you
Step 2

Make It Your Own and Preview

Add in 3D effects, write some text, or even include your company logo. Don’t forget to preview it to see how it will look in real life.
Step 3

Save and Launch

Happy with your design? Save it and get ready to go live on Snapchat. You can publish directly on Customuse or launch on Snapchat with out one-click-publish feature. Additionally, you can download your Snapchat lens file and publish directly with Lens Studio.
Real-Time Preview

Ease of Use

With our intuitive, user-friendly interface, you can create a Snapchat filter in minutes. No prior design experience or coding skills are needed. The drag-and-drop functionality lets you effortlessly insert various elements such as text, images, and 3D animations. You can also preview your creation in real-time, ensuring that the end result matches your vision. Whether you are looking to entertain friends or promote your business, Customuse's Snapchat Filter Creator has got you covered.

Real-Time Preview

Huge Templates Library

Customuse offers a wide variety of templates to suit all your needs. From quirky and funny filters to engage your friends, to more professional and polished designs for your business campaigns, we’ve got it all. Each template is fully customizable, giving you the freedom to change colors, fonts, and animations to align with your brand or theme. Our aim is to provide a starting point that ignites your creativity.

Real-Time Preview

Promote Your Brand Effectively

Quickly design AR filters with Customuse that perfectly suit brand unveilings, targeted promotions, or immersive customer experiences. In doing so, you transform your Snapchat profile into an interactive marketing avenue that genuinely engages your audience, thereby amplifying brand familiarity and inspiring customer loyalty.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely, all Customuse tools are totally free to start! You can create, design, and publish your custom filters without spending a penny. For users interested in more advanced features, we offer a subscription-based Pro version that unlocks additional customization capabilities.

Yes, our Snapchat Filter maker tool is versatile enough for both personal and commercial use. Whether you are creating a filter for a personal event, or leveraging it for a brand campaign, our tool has the features to meet your needs. Our premium version offers features targeted at businesses such as analytics and branding options.

Sharing your custom filters is a breeze. Download your AR lens from Customuse and publish to Snapchat with LensStudio in seconds. Alternatively, publish directly on Customuse and share your unique link through your social media, website, or even on printed materials. Your viewers and customers can click the link to immediately use and interact with your custom filter on Snapchat.

Customuse offers limitless customization! If you wish to use our advanced design tools, the Pro version of Customuse unlocks a myriad of additional features for creating Snapchat lenses. This allows you virtually limitless customization possibilities, from detailed animations to sophisticated layering options, to make your filter truly one-of-a-kind.

Yes, filters designed with our tool are engineered to be fully compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems. We ensure seamless performance across all device types, giving you peace of mind when sharing your filters with a diverse audience.

Absolutely! Our real-time preview feature allows you to see exactly how your filter will appear on Snapchat. This ensures that the end result is in line with your vision, allowing for adjustments to be made before final publication.

Our Snapchat Filter Maker supports a variety of graphic formats, including JPG, PNG, WEBP. High-resolution images are also supported, ensuring your filters maintain a polished and professional appearance across all devices and screen sizes.

Certainly! All templates on Customuse are a result of co-creation by our users. Furthermore, our Pro version allows for multi-user collaboration. This feature is perfect for team projects, where various stakeholders can provide input and make real-time changes to a single filter design. It's ideal for businesses and marketing teams looking to produce a collaborative effort.

Custom Snapchat filters can significantly boost your brand’s visibility and engagement. Companies have reported up to a 20% increase in brand engagement after using custom filters for marketing campaigns. They are excellent tools for product launches, special promotions, and events. Coupled with analytics from our premium version, you can easily measure the ROI of your filter-based marketing efforts

Snapchat filters offer an innovative way to enrich your brand's storytelling. By using augmented reality and interactive elements, you can create immersive experiences that resonate with your audience. Brands have found that such interactive storytelling can improve message retention by up to 30%, making filters an effective medium for conveying complex or detailed messages in an engaging way.

Lens Studio is a powerful software developed by Snapchat for creating augmented reality experiences known as "Lenses." This platform offers advanced tools for design, animation, and scripting, allowing users to craft more complex, interactive AR elements. It is intended for professional developers who wish to publish their custom lenses on Snapchat. The software provides a comprehensive suite of resources, including templates, guides, and a community forum to assist users in the lens creation process.

With Customuse, you can effortlessly design any lens in seconds. Once you've created your custom design using our intuitive interface, you can immediately download your project. To publish it on Snapchat, simply import your downloaded design into Lens Studio. Our tool is designed to make this process incredibly straightforward, allowing you to bring your AR experiences to life on Snapchat with minimal hassle. Customuse streamlines the design and publishing steps, making it easier than ever to share your lenses with the world.

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