Craft personalized Instagram augmented reality filters for various uses like entertainment, marketing strategies, or brand awareness. No coding or technical background needed—just design, preview, and go live!


Create custom Instagram AR filters for fun, marketing, or brand growth. Our easy-to-use platform needs no coding. Design, preview, and share your filter on Instagram. It's perfect for anyone looking to engage audiences, boost interaction, and make memorable content.

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How to Make Instagram Filters?

Step 1

Choose a Template

Navigate our extensive library of professional templates. From festive and fun to business and entertainment, we've got a template to kickstart your Instagram filter creation.
Step 2

Personalize and Preview

Add 3D elements, such as a virtual pop-up shop or your brand logo, and text for exclusive offers. Always preview your filter using our real-time AR viewer to ensure it's Instagram-ready.
Step 3

Save and Download

After completing your filter, save and prepare it for its Instagram debut. Either download for future use or directly publish it on Instagram with Meta Spark Studio.
Real-Time Preview

Boundless Creative Freedom

Tap into limitless creativity with Customuse’s Instagram Filter Maker. Opt for pre-designed templates or start from scratch, integrating 3D assets, text, and unique effects. This tool is particularly advantageous for businesses aiming to leverage AR filters for interactive Instagram marketing campaigns.

Real-Time Preview

Market Your Brand Effectively

Harness the power of Customuse to craft captivating filters tailored for brand promotions, product launches, or interactive consumer experiences. Elevate your Instagram profile into a dynamic marketing hub that truly resonates with your audience, bolstering brand visibility and customer loyalty.

Real-Time Preview

Create For Multiple Platforms Instantly

Why restrain your creativity to Instagram? Utilize Customuse’s one-click sharing feature to instantly publish your AR filters not just on Instagram, but across various platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, and more. A valuable feature for businesses keen on broadening their social media presence.

Explore our free tools

Dive into our lineup of carefully crafted tools, all designed to supercharge your creative pursuits in the world of 3D

Frequently Asked Questions

Sign up on our website or download our mobile apps for iOS and Android. Post-registration, you'll gain immediate access to all features needed to begin crafting your Instagram filters. Use our AR viewer for previewing and make your AR vision Instagram-ready.

Yes, it’s free for basic features. For advanced functionalities and customizations, a subscription plan is available.

Designing Instagram effects is straightforward with our Instagram Filter Maker. Follow our simple 3-step guide: select a template, personalize it, and save. Once finalized, publish it on Instagram.

Our tool is perfect for marketers and business owners, providing customizable templates for various business use-cases. After creating your filter, use our one-click feature to publish it on Instagram.

Our one-click sharing feature enables you to publish on multiple social media platforms besides Instagram, including TikTok and Snapchat.

Crafting AR filters can significantly elevate your brand’s Instagram marketing strategy. It boosts customer engagement, broadens reach, and solidifies brand identity.

AR filters on Instagram have shown to increase engagement rates significantly. According to industry reports, brands that have utilized custom AR filters have seen an uptick in user engagement by as much as 30%. Filters also encourage repeat interactions, making users more likely to revisit your Instagram profile.

Instagram AR filters are incredibly effective for product showcases. Surveys indicate that nearly 70% of users have interacted with a brand's AR filter for a more in-depth look at a product. This interactive approach aids in conversion rates and helps your audience make informed decisions, contributing to a sales increase.

Studies show that brands utilizing AR filters experience an increase in brand recall by up to 40%. The interactive nature of augmented reality keeps users engaged longer, thereby imprinting your brand more strongly in their memory.

Our one-click sharing feature enables you to publish on multiple social media platforms besides Instagram, including Facebook and Snapchat.

Yes, Instagram provides detailed analytics for your custom filters. You can track metrics such as impressions, captures, and shares. Brands leveraging these analytics have reported improved targeting and ROI in their subsequent campaigns.

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