Unleash your creativity with our Fortnite Skins editor. Customize Fortnite clothes, accessories, and more, then wear yourself or showcase your unique designs in the game.

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Customuse elevates your Fortnite experience by enabling you to create one-of-a-kind skins and offering modding capabilities to customize gameplay elements. Enjoy a personalized and enriching Fortnite experience, complete with visual flair and in-game incentives.

Fortnite skins

How do I make custom skins in Fortnite?

Step 1

Select Your Base Skin

Start by selecting your ideal base skin from our comprehensive list of all skins in our Fortnite editor.
Step 2

Customize and Edit

Enhance your chosen skin by adding unique Fortnite items, patterns, and colors with our intuitive tools.
Step 3

Save and Publish

Once you're happy with your customized skin, save it and publish directly to the Fortnite shop, where it joins the range of Fortnite costumes for Halloween and more.
Real-Time Preview

Unlimited Customization Options

Experience the thrill of crafting a Fortnite character completely from scratch with Fortnite Skins Maker. Our user-friendly Fortnite skins editor enables you to add countless modifications, ranging from different types of Fortnite clothes to unique accessories. You can even delve into seasonal offerings like designer Fortnite skins or Fortnite costumes for Halloween. The possibilities are endless, and the only limit is your imagination.

Real-Time Preview

Intuitive User Interface

Regardless of your skill level, Fortnite Skins Maker offers an accessible platform for all. The intuitive layout of our Fortnite skins editor means you won't have to waste any time figuring out how to use the tool. Plus, we offer detailed tutorials that walk you through every step of the skin design process, allowing you to focus solely on your creativity.

Real-Time Preview

Earn V-Bucks with Your Designs

Once you've designed your custom Fortnite skins, share them with our vibrant creator community or through the Fortnite item shop. When you publish your unique Fortnite skins to the Fortnite item shop, you have the option to set a price in V-Bucks. This creates an opportunity for you to earn V-Bucks whenever someone purchases your design. Transform your hobby into a rewarding experience and build up your V-Bucks balance simply by sharing your creative talents.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Fortnite Skins Maker on Customuse is completely free! More advanced features are available through our premium subscription. This includes access to designer Fortnite skins, additional customization tools and many more awesome perks!

Absolutely, you can! Customuse offers you the option to sell any of your creations on Fortnite. Once Fortnite enables UGC skins sales, you will be able to simply publish your designs on Fortnite item shop and earn V-Bucks. You can set a price for your creation and earn whenever someone makes a purchase.

We provide comprehensive step-by-step tutorials to guide you through the entire process of designing your custom Fortnite skins. These tutorials cover everything from basic layout designs to intricate detailing and unique features.

There is no limit on how many skins you can create - go all out! However, If you wish for unlimited skin downloads and enhanced design experience, our Pro subscription is the way to go. It offers unrestricted access to all features and customization tools.

You can browse through a complete catalog of available skins directly on our Discover page once you sign in to the app. This catalog is regularly updated to include new and seasonal skins for added variety.

You can create, co-create and remix any and all designs on Customuse! The Pro version of our tool also offers a collaboration feature. You can invite friends to work with you on a single skin design, allowing for more diverse and dynamic creations.

Fortnite costumes for Halloween are thematic skins that either you can design or purchase from the Fortnite shop during the Halloween season. They are specially crafted to reflect the Halloween spirit and are usable in-game. Now, you can create skins like these and more using Customuse: Fortnite Skins Maker.

To begin using the Fortnite Skins Maker, visit our website and sign up for a free account or download our iOS and Android apps. You'll then have immediate access to the fortnite skins editor. From there, you can either select a base skin from all available Fortnite skins or start designing from scratch.

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