Publishing on Zepeto


Let’s look at how we can create a custom Zepeto outfit using the Customuse platform.


Step 1:

Let’s go into our templates menu and pick one of the templates.


Step 2:

Once we’ve chosen our item, let’s go ahead and adjust the colors and upload some images and logos. Once we’re done with the design, we’ll simply click Save.


Step 3:

In the My Desigins tab let’s click on Get Design File to get the final design of our customized outfit.


Step 4:

Next, let’s open our Zepeto Studio account and let’s find the template that matches the design we just created.

Once in the template editor let’s click Upload and pick our design file.

Our design has been uploaded onto the platform and we can see it worn by the avatar. We can now click OK and proceed to naming the item and putting it up for sale in the game.

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