Publishing on Shopify


Let’s look at how we can create a custom design using Customuse and publish our design on Shopify.


Step 1:

Let’s go into our templates menu and pick one of the templates.


Step 2:

Once we’ve chosen our item, let’s go ahead and adjust the colors and upload some images and logos. Once we’re done with the design, we’ll simply click Save.


Step 3:

Let’s click on Get 3D Model to get the 3d model of our baseball cap.


Step 4:

Next, let’s open our Shopify store and let’s create a new product.

Let’s title the product and add our 3D model. Then, let’s save this product.

Now we can see the 3d model has been added to our product page and we can click Preview.

And here’s the 3d model of our baseball cap on the Shopify store.

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